When Nyerai Films was founded in 1992 in Harare, Zimbabwe, we had had a long experience in all areas of low-budget film production both in Europe and in Africa, ranging from television documentation to feature films. For some years we worked in Berlin, Germany. In 2001 we moved back to Harare, Zimbabwe. We are now operating from here.

Our main objective now is to promote productions by emerging young film makers from Southern Africa. Since then our own productions, either commissioned by broadcasters or independently produced, have familiarised us with the different and interesting voices which are emerging from the south of the world and which are also gaining increasing acceptance in a western film culture that is looking for innovation and new experiences.

Representing this point of view to funders and distributors, we take full advantage of the fact that urban life all over the world is becoming more and more cosmopolitan, a development that promises great chances for the success of our films. Our own post-production facilities, including an avid media composer, ensure that our projects do not run out of steam in the last stages.

"Low Budget - High Energy" is not just an idea with us - it's a reality.